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The Signals Logo

Logo with Tagline (SVG)​

Logo with Tagline (PNG)​

Logo with Tagline (SVG)​

Logo with Tagline (PNG)​

Round Logo (SVG)

Round Logo (PNG)​

Round Logo (SVG)​

Round Logo (PNG)​

Logo with Tagline (SVG)

Logo with Tagline (PNG)​

The Signals Brand Colours...

Dark Colour: #16323E

Primary Colour (Green 1): #64E1A1

Secondary Tone (Green 2): #2EB377

Tertiary Colour (Blue): #005A9


TA Colour (Pink): 

Neutral colour: #EAE9EC

The Signals Brand Fonts

Header Font: Veneer

Body Font (Large): Merriweather

Body Font (small): Merriweather

The Signals Brand icons


Canva Style Guide: The style guide is hosted on Canva, enabling you to seamlessly copy and integrate any element directly into your Canva projects. This accessible format ensures that you can easily maintain brand consistency across all your designs. You can access the root folder here.

Figma Board: The Figma board serves as an advanced resource for designers, offering tools for brand development. It’s designed to facilitate creativity and ensure that our visual identity evolves cohesively.

Google Docs Asset Folder: This folder is your go-to repository for essential brand assets, including fonts, logos, and icons. Accessible via Google Docs, it’s designed to be a centralized resource, making it easier for you to find and use the assets you need for your brand’s expression.

Google Doc: This is where the writing lives.

Voice & Tone

Bold in Spirit, Creatively Passionate
Our communications reflect our clear passion for creative technology, our open-mindedness, and our curiosity.

Professional and Respectful
When we communicate, we strike a balance between formal and casual language, ensuring that our audience and community feels a sense of respect and belonging.

Clear and Plain-Speaking.
We use simple words and sentences to communicate ideas and technical terms, avoiding jargon and explaining what may not be clear.

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