An interactive and immersive exhibit delving into the possibilities of creative technology in forging our shared futures.

This year’s curatorial vision pivots on themes of connection and reconnection: to each other, to the land and waters that sustain us, to prospective futures, and to the rich tapestry of our diverse cultural histories. 

In this critical juncture of human evolution, where both the potential and detrimental effects of our unbridled emerging technologies are especially being felt – we see great opportunities for positive change. But not without an informed public. 

This year’s curation fosters a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary discourse on the pivotal questions that concern us all. As we navigate this new landscape together, we intentionally bring the knowledge and voices of Indigenous and racialized creative technologists to the forefront of these conversations.  

We share the concept of Na wa shéw̓ay̓ ta sp’en̓ém meaning “the seed is growing” as a guiding vision of Signals. IM4 Lab matriarch Tracey Kim Bonneau has stated that Indigenous people have always had what is called “futurism”, based on the concept of renewal, embodied by a seed. This is shared by Indigenous people across Turtle Island. Senaqwila Wyss, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh artist and ethnobotanist, was asked by the IM4 Lab to share a way of expressing this in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh sníchim. Na wa shéw̓ay̓ ta sp’en̓ém means “the seed is growing”. May this curated experience be the soil where seeds of change take root, empowering you to add your unique voice to the critical dialogues shaping our tomorrow and the tomorrow of future generations. 

  • Can interactive histories connect us to new perspectives on what lies ahead?
  • What is ethical AI, and how might it facilitate reconnection to each other? Can we apply lessons learned from social media? 
  • Can immersive storytelling and emerging technologies deepen our understanding of land, data, and thought sovereignty?

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