Unceded Chiefs VR

The Unceded Chiefs tells the story of Indigenous resistance to the Canadian government’s highly controversial 1969 proposal, the White Paper Policy.

The Unceded Chiefs VR experience takes users on a journey to November 1969, walking with a spirit to stand in the same locations as BC Chiefs stood, hearing the concerns of Indigenous peoples about the White Paper. In the midst of Canada’s recent indigenous rights crisis, this VR experience may be more relevant than ever. The VR accompanies Doreen Manuel’s documentary, Unceded Chiefs that traces the historic early activism of BC First Nations Leaders who in the late 1960’s unified in a battle against the Canadian government to reject Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s proposed 1969 White Paper Policy.

Key Artists: Doreen Manuel
Project Runtime: 15 minutes
Project Type: Linear VR experience

First Come First Served viewings available during SIGNALS, Oct 1 and 2.

Doreen Manuel is the sixth child of Grand Chief Dr. George Manuel and Marceline Manuel. Doreen is a graduate of the Aboriginal Film and Television Diploma Program (AFTP) at Capilano University and now the Director of the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Program at Capilano University. She has an extensive background working in First Nations education and community development in both rural and urban centers. Doreen comes from a long line of oral historians and factual storytellers from her First Nations traditional background. She is the recipient of the Governor General of Canada Medal Award for academic excellence for her studies in AFTP; and Women in Film & Television, Leadership in Education Award. She holds a MFA from the Film Department at UBC. 

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