UNION: Play the Memory Game

In the Year 3000, touch is forbidden, and memory becomes the ultimate commodity in the highly popular cyberworld GAEA. A treatise on surveillance capitalism, cultural memory and embodiment.

If dreams are the mycelium of the world, and memories the threads from which our collective stories are woven, what happens when your memories are no longer your own? Welcome to the world of UNION.

Following environmental and societal collapse in the year 3000, humans retreat indoors, and touch is forbidden, replaced by virtual intimacy in the cyberworld GAEA. Now, memory becomes the ultimate commodity.

Building upon Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber’s 2021 UNION exhibition, this iteration of the project extends the artists’ investigation of surveillance capitalism, cultural memory, and embodiment into a multi-user WebXR space using Mozilla Hubs

Key Artists: Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber
Project Runtime: 45min
Project Type: Multi User WebXR experience
Trailer Link: trailer please tag @sat_montreal

Available to experience in the Virtual Arcade at SIGNALS, Oct 1 and 2. 

Created by Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber
In collaboration with: Jonny Ostrem, Ian Nakamoto, Yun-Jou Chang


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