This playful demo shows you the power and potential of real-time virtual production tools, letting you race a monster truck through a virtual 360 environment, while someone else controls the camera and nails “the shot”.

Car chase sequences are usually complex to previz in a traditional linear workflow. Versatile Media wanted to create a piece that showcases how efficient and creative their Virtual Production tools are to use and the creative freedom it provides directors.

Wasteland was created to showcase Versatile Media’s Virtual Camera and Live Editing capabilities together with Unreal Engine 5. It is a one and a half minute animated short and fully interactive demo, directed in-house by Virtual Production Supervisor, Raphael Gaudin. Together with their creative team, Versatile produced a piece that was motivated by their technologies’ capabilities and workflow.


Experience as part of the “Descend” Live Performance Program at SIGNALS, Oct 1 and 2. 

Key Artists: Versatile Media
Project Runtime: 10 min.
Project Type: interactive controller demo



Versatile Media Ltd. is a global media company founded in 1993. The company has over 450 creative and technical artists and R&D staff, globally. The newly created North American virtual production studios, and upcoming LED sound stages are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company has built a full cycle virtual production workflow for both servicing the film and television industry as well as producing its own IP and co-produced projects.


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