Fruit Golf

Fruit Golf is an asymmetric multiplayer game that integrates VR and mobile devices in a shared social experience.

Traverse mini golf courses while putting fruit instead of balls, and dodge obstacles placed by your friends in real time! Fruit Golf is an asymmetrical virtual reality (VR) game that only requires one VR headset and a mobile companion app for the whole party to play. In the world of Fruit Golf, players traverse larger-than-life mini golf themed courses, putting golf balls that have been replaced by fruit and dodging obstacles placed by their friends in real time. Fruit Golf is a social game designed for players of all ages and levels of VR experience.

VR used to be a very isolating experience – now it doesn’t have to be. Fruit Golf brings the zany course out of the headset and into friends’ hands where they can directly manipulate the world around players through a free companion app. The golfer will try to navigate courses such as pirate ships besieged by a Kraken, the castle of the vampiric blood orange, or the solar system where all the planets are fruit, and the moon is a banana. In the meanwhile, the players outside VR will coordinate their assault to make it as difficult as possible for the golfer to reach the hole. Some obstacles are simple blockades, others explode launching the fruit out of bounds, while others require teamwork. Solo players will also be able to play all the courses with or without obstacles, as well as hone their skills in a variety of challenge levels.

Coal Car Studio was founded by two brothers on the premise of making VR more social because they simply wanted to play together. Coal Car Studio has developed and contributed to many successful projects.


Available to experience in the Virtual Arcade at SIGNALS, Oct 1 and 2. 

Key Artist: Coal Car Studio
Project Runtime: 15 min
Project Type: Asymmetric Multiplayer Game, virtual reality and mobile phones

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